User settings

Implementation. The user-settings-daemon program reacts to CommandRPC and CommandEvent requests by updating files in its configured settingsDir. See here for more information on the user-settings-daemon.

Updating user settings

Assert CommandRPC containing an action for the settings daemon to perform and a reply entity-reference for it to tell you when it is done. After it completes the action, it will assert a CommandReply using the reply capability. Alternatively, send a CommandEvent message containing an action if you do not require notification of completion.

CommandRPC = <user-settings-command @action Action @reply #:CommandReply> .
CommandEvent = <user-settings-command @action Action> .
CommandReply = =done .
Action = <assert @item any> / <retract @item any> .

See also this how-to.

Reading user settings

Configured user settings are published to the main $config dataspace contained within a Value record to reliably distinguish them from system assertions.

Value = <user-setting @item any> .