The Synit logging infrastructure is still underdeveloped.

At present, there is an actor created at syndicate-server startup time that monitors the $log dataspace for messages of the form:

LogEntry = <log @timestamp string @detail { any: any ...:... }> .

When it receives a log entry, it looks for a few conventional and optional keys in the detail field, each permitted to be any kind of value:

  • pid, conventionally a Unix process ID;
  • line, conventionally a string of free-form text intended for people to read;
  • service, conventionally a service name in the sense of require-service/run-service; and
  • stream, conventionally one of the symbols stdout or stderr.

The timestamp and the special keys are then formatted, along with all other information in the entry record, and printed to the syndicate-server's standard error at INFO level using tracing.